Bereavement Care

A certainty of life is that ‘Every soul will taste death’. When death does arrive at our door, it can shake us to the core: be it emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We have to learn to cope with a world that feels as though it’s fallen apart. Our hopes, dreams and ambitions begin to disappear in front of our very eyes.

On a practical level, our lives may change dramatically. We may have less money and may have to eat, sleep and live alone for the first time or be faced with household tasks that we wouldn't have done before.

bereavement care support

Inayat’s bereavement service aims to support people through an extremely challenging period of their life. A bereaved person can experience emptiness, depression, sadness, anger, guilt and may have worries about practical matters. Our hope is to provide support and assistance by helping the bereaved person manage their grief by placing faith at the centre of the healing process.

Our bereavement services include;

  • Bereaved individuals and families – supporting people who have been bereaved
  • Bereaved parent support – supporting parents who have lost a young child
  • Widowed young support – supporting young widows
  • Bereaved sibling support – supporting young people who have lost a sibling
  • Bereaved by suicide – supporting people who have been bereaved by a family member or friend through suicide


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