Why Choose Inayat Health and Wellbeing?



: "Here are some comments from past customers and clients of Inayat Health and Wellbeing which were gathered through various feedback methods and have been used anonymously with permission."


I felt very reassured and comfortable. The Inayat team was very professional and friendly and saw me just days after I contacted them.

Very relaxed but professional approach. Felt at ease from the very first moment.

I felt that I had found the place to come to get the help I needed and that someone would be working with me and supporting me. I felt relieved that I wasn’t doing it on my own.

The balance was just right. I felt I was getting a friendly and helpful listener who knew how to offer help in a very professional manner and someone who made me think about what I was experiencing in a different way, from a different perspective. This encouraged me to start looking at myself in a different, more constructive way.

My counsellor appeared to be able to deliver the approach that was required at the time. If I needed a more directive approach it was used or more supportive it was used accordingly. To say he was patient is probably an understatement, but I never felt pressured. The sessions were always delivered at a pace I found comfortable.

I felt that I was understood and made to feel worthwhile.

I would encourage anyone to take sessions with the Inayat Team. I went to my initial session with a set of preconceived ideas and thoughts on what I needed. To my surprise it went a lot deeper than I thought. I have to say it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but also one of the most rewarding. It made me re-evaluate my relationships with friends, family, colleagues but most importantly myself.

I would recommend the Inayat team to anyone.  I was in a serious hole and they helped me get out and make me think differently towards everything.  Things are more clear and easier to challenge.

Without their help I would be in a position where I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.  They deserve a lot of reward for the job they do.

Highly Recommended!

Please contact us to make an appointment on 01282 616 825, 07495 921678 or email confidentially on info@inayat.co.uk.