Mediation is a process used to resolve disputes where an intermediary (mediator) helps the conflicting parties to come together to discuss their concerns. The Inayat Mediation service ensures that all our mediation cases are handled with care with respect for all sides and an emphasis on good, clear intentions from the part of the mediators. We do not take sides; we remain independent and keep all information confidential at all times.

The Inayat Mediation service aims to support people through times of conflict and crisis. We support people who are experiencing conflict and difficulties in their relationships – this could be with family members, between married couples, friends, neighbours or between community members.

As an initial step, our mediators will speak to each party involved in the dispute separately at first. Then, if the parties involved would like to move forward, either one or a series of meetings will take place, which are facilitated by our mediators.

We understand that conflict can be difficult to resolve and people can feel uncomfortable talking to those they are struggling to get on with, so the mediation meetings take place in a neutral setting and conducted in a safe and non-threatening manner. In most cases, an agreement is made between the parties which provides a clear framework on how to move forward. The mediation team retains an interest in the case to ensure that all parties feel satisfied with the outcome.

  • It offers a practical, affordable, common-sense approach to resolving disputes.
  • It helps people to clarify misunderstandings that have led to an argument.
  • Mediation focuses on what practically needs to happen to resolve matters.
  • Mediation enables those involved to retain control of how the situation is resolved.
  • It avoids having to resort to damaging, sometimes public and often expensive legal battles.
  • It helps people, where possible, to preserve important personal and business relationships.
  • Mediation provides a forum for independent, confidential and impartial discussions where suggestions can be made without fear that these will be used later in legal action if you cannot agree.

Our organisation has its base in Burnley, Lancashire, however we see clients throughout the UK. We can conduct mediation meetings at a setting most convenient to you.

Inayat Mediation Service has a number of qualified and experienced mediators.

All our mediators work broadly within the guidelines outlined by the College of Mediators and attend regular peer supervision. Mediation is a confidential process. Unless otherwise stated, because of contractual obligations, mediators will only share information with other agencies with the client’s permission. The only exception to this policy is when the client poses a risk to themselves or others. 

Mediation cases are often unique and their complexity can mean one or several visits to one or more of the parties. Please contact us to discuss your case in more detail, however typically we operate on an hourly rate of £40-60 per hour.

Please contact us for further information on 07495 921678 or email

Primarily through self-referral or you can be referred by a family/community member, health professional or other related professions. If you are involved in a conflict and feel mediation could help, please call us for an initial discussion on 01282 616825, 07495 921678 or email in confidence on Once a referral has been made we will contact both parties to arrange an initial visit.