Marriage Care

Marriage provides companionship, intimacy and security to each partner. Numerous studies prove that married people remain healthier physically, emotionally and mentally.
Marriage care

However, marriage can also be challenging at times. Family life, work, finances, social relationships and cultural issues can put unnecessary strain on married life. Latest statistics estimate that 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce. (Dec 2012)

Our aim is to support couples through the marriage process from coaching people when they are seeking a marriage partner to couples experiencing difficulties in the marriage and right through to when the marriage has become strained.

Through our Pre-Marriage Counselling course we assist people in clarifying what is important for them in a future marriage, what they are searching for in a spouse and how they can best prepare themselves religiously, emotionally and practically for married life.

Our Post-Marriage Programme supports married couples in dealing with issues that have emerged soon after marriage.  This can relate to housing, employment, finances, family expectations and social relationships. Our experience has shown that inevitably after marriage, numerous issues arise that were not discussed or thought about before marriage and these issues can lead to disagreements and disillusionment within the marriage.  We help couples talk through these concerns and help resolve the points of conflict and arrive at a mutually beneficial position.

Marriage Care Support

Our Marriage Care Program helps couples who are experiencing a high level of difficulty where the breakdown has been over a prolonged period of time and multiple issues have arisen since. At this stage, our team of counsellors will assist the couple in quite intensive work to help heal the rift and save the marriage.

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