Information and Support

Whether you’re living with a mental health problem or supporting a family member, friend, or someone in the community, getting the right information and support can be difficult. Inayat offers advice, help and support to individuals and groups who are experiencing a difficult period in their lives. We understand that at times the journey can be overwhelming and confusing and we aim to provide you with the relevant information, advice and support during this testing time.
Inayat Information and Support

We can provide you with a range of information and support services including:

  • Listening to your concerns and providing you with emotional and spiritual support
  • Increasing your knowledge about specific mental health problems
  • Explore the treatment options available to you
  • Support you in identifying organisations and agencies where you can get specific help and support within your locality
  • Encourage you to generate and engage in self-help strategies to support you in times of distress


For further information and advice, you can speak in confidence to one of our team members by calling 01282 616825, 07495 921678 or by emailing us on

Inayat Support