Empowering Parents

Family is the single most important influence in our life. From our first moments in life, as children we depended on our parents and family to protect us and provide for our needs. Our parents and families formed our first relationships. They were our first teachers and acted as role models in how to act and how to experience the world around us. Through nurturing and teaching us during our early years, our families played an important role in making sure, as children, we were ready to learn when we entered school. As children, we thrived when our parents were able to actively promote our positive growth and development.

At Inayat, we recognise that parents require help, support, and additional resources to support them in their role as care providers. We offer a range of Parent Empowerment Programmes that are delivered by tutors who specialise in working with parents.

Support Programmes

Bringing together mums and dads to look at building healthy relationships with their babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and develop learning through fun and play. A six session programme designed to help you negotiate the early years with confidence and build strong family relationships for the future.

Help guide your children through the next stage of childhood and build stronger family relationships as they journey through the rollercoaster of life. Focussing on children from 5 to 11 years, The Primary Years helps parents look at how to support their child as they start to find out how the world works, learn how to manage their feelings, find out what they’re good at and experience the consequences of keeping or breaking the rules.

Help and advice on parenting in the teenage years to build strong relationships to enjoy family life. Bringing you hope as you chart your way through the challenges of the teenage years and the changes in the parent-child relationship. This seven session programme is designed to help you stay connected with your child through understanding their world and developing good communication skills.

A five session programme focusing on the important role dads play in the lives of young people, the course will help you build an even better relationship with your children.

On the course, we take a look at how you can improve your understanding of how to meet your child’s needs, including learning and development. Over the course of the sessions, you will explore key aspects of parenting and modelling including building self-esteem and positive communication, setting and maintaining boundaries and managing your child’s behaviour. There’s also time to think about how your role might change as your child grows and ways to build a healthier relationship with the wider family.

Anger can threaten family life. Heated words, unresolved arguments, fights and an uneasy home atmosphere can cause families to lose trust in each other and drift apart. These four sessions will help you and your child to understand, recognise and manage anger safely ensuring a healthier and more balanced household.

Drug Proof Your Kids (DPYK) was created in response to the needs of parents who would like more information on how to deal with the very real and complex issues of alcohol and other drugs. DPYK concentrates on the important role a parent or significant care giver can play in reducing the risk of harmful drug use. It gives you the skills and knowledge to help your child make good choices. During the six sessions, there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion allowing you to share ideas with other parents and carers.

Quidz In gives you the knowledge you need to talk with your children about money from an early age on key areas including saving, borrowing and planning ahead.  Six informal and practical sessions will encourage and build your confidence to help your child understand key skills in handling money, from budgeting, through to spending, saving and planning for the future. Aimed at parents or carers who have children aged eight to fourteen.