Domestic Abuse

Inayat’s Domestic Abuse Project has been developed to support families experiencing troubled times including those who are in need of a range of specialist services to support them. We have a range of services and programmes that support individuals in getting the help they need to make their home healthier and more harmonious places to live.

This 10-session programme works with men and women who are victims of domestic abuse and violence.  The course helps victims identify some of the abusive behaviours used by their partners. The methods used can be psychological, emotional, mental, financial, sexual and physical.

Our programme helps clients to identify behaviours that are used by perpetrators and support them to receive the appropriate help to manage their well-being and regain control in their lives.

This 10-session programme has been developed to work with perpetrators of domestic abuse to understand some of the destructive attitudes, behaviours and actions that they undertake which are contributing to a toxic relationship.  These toxic attitudes, behaviour traits and actions are identified and challenged to help the individual change them to more constructive thinking and behaviour patterns.

This 20-session programme is a domestic abuse perpetrator programme designed to be delivered 1-1 over 20-core sessions plus a range of supplementary sessions selected to fit the individual client.  The training is participatory and practical, with a strong focus on working interactively with the perpetrator course programme materials.

This 10-session programme supports young people who have witnessed domestic abuse in their family settings. The programme adopts a CBT approach to managing the trauma and abuse. The overall aims of the group are to help children and young people come to terms with their experiences and to develop positive lifestyle and coping strategies.

Increasingly adolescents are becoming more physically and verbally abusive towards their parents.  This six-session programme helps adolescents and parents deal with this rising and disturbing abuse. The programme takes a CBT approach to challenging dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours from the young person and also takes a restorative approach to the problem, helping to bring the abuse under control and re-negotiate family boundaries.

This 6-session programme is an interactive programme designed to help individuals deal with conflict in a more positive and healthy way.  Families in conflict lack the necessary skills and approaches to deal with conflict. This programme has a problem management and solution focused approach to conflict.

Anger problems cause a range of problems within the household. Not only do people with anger problems create a threatening and violent atmosphere within the household, they also create a pathway for future generations to deal with anger in a destructive and forceful way.

This 12-session programme helps individuals to manage their anger within the household and more specifically towards their partners and children.

The sessions can take place face-to-face, over the phone or via Skype.  Please email us or speak to one of our team to get further information.