Supporting those with Addictions


Addiction is a rapidly increasing problem within our communities. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography and gambling are taking a grip of people's lives and having extremely harmful consequences.

Often addictions begin as a result of how the compulsions make people feel emotionally and physically. These feelings can be pleasurable - triggering a powerful urge to carry out the activity again to recreate this 'high'. This can develop into a repetitive cycle that becomes very hard to break.

In many cases people who are addicted are not aware of their addiction and the impact it may be having on their work, relationships and health. As a result many are unable to quit on their own and treatment is required.

Addiction counselling helps addicts identify the roots of their addiction. Through talking about their addiction they can begin to recognise how their emotional needs are impacting their behaviour. This can be an important step on the road to recovery and abstinence.

Supporting Addictions

At Inayat we support people who may be struggling with an addiction. Our experienced practitioners can offer the necessary support and guidance to get you the help you require.

For friends and families of the addict we offer information and support so they are able to better understand the journey their loved one is traversing. This can be a great source of support during a very difficult period.