About Us

Al Inayat is a private consultancy and training organisation whose aim is to support individuals, families and communities to live healthy and harmonious lives. Through a range of services, we address some of the difficult and most pressing issues facing all communities.

Figures suggest that mental illness is on the rise, familial and communal conflict is becoming widespread and domestic abuse is affecting more and more lives.  As individuals, families and communities we are increasingly finding ourselves overwhelmed with the challenges of life, lacking any real solutions to our problems and struggling to find genuine, sincere and consistent support.

Inayat aims to provide services that are relevant, appropriate and sensitive to the needs of all the communities we work with.

With our team of professionals we aim to deliver the highest levels of service and professionalism in a safe and confidential environment.

It is an endeavour that poses many challenges and difficulties. However, the Inayat team remains determined to address our many issues and to support all communities in their time of need.

Our Aims and Objectives

Inayat has the following aims and objectives

  • To provide a range of specialist mental health and well-being support services for individuals, couples, families and communities.
  • To provide a range of mental health and well-being related services that are congruent with the cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs of all communities.
  • To facilitate self-help and group workshops for individuals and families who are experiencing mental health and well-being problems.
  • To increase the awareness of mental illness and well-being within communities and reduce the taboos, stigma and discrimination that is often associated with people experiencing mental health and well-being difficulties.
  • To deliver training events and short courses to help health professionals and community members gain a better understanding of people experiencing mental health and well-being difficulties.
  • To empower parents by providing a range of parenting programs.
  • To research and develop therapeutic methods and strategies.
  • To provide a service which is accessible and affordable to all members of the community.

Our Team

Inayat's team is made up of professionals who work as Associates to provide a range of support services. Our team consists of counsellors, psychologists, mediators, mentors and coaches who each have specialisms within their own field. We have experienced practitioners in parenting support, domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation.